27, 28 and 29 October 2004 Not much to put in their mouths this week.

of 27, 28 and 29 October 2004 Not much to put in their mouths this week. Normal, it is the holidays … We can still note the return of collective punishment in the latest circular from the Ministry. This is the Figaro tells us. The World comes back him on that report (already mentioned in Liberation, there are some days) of the General Inspection describing the Academy of Paris as an "exclude machine" Good Read … —— —————————————- Liberation Teaching and research, same fight By Jacqueline Heinen sociology professor, President of the Standing Conference of the National Council of universities (CNU-CP) and Jacques Moret biodiversity professor, vice president of CP-CNU. […] For the CP-CNU, maintaining a strong link between education and research is crucial because it is a prerequisite for a teacher to provide quality training based on the most recent advances in research. This is also the condition of a balance between development and transmission of basic knowledge and the need for the university to meet the needs of society. That is why we want the reflection on the future of research is conducted jointly with a reflection on the future of higher education. […] Read more of the article ——– ————————————- Le Figaro Fillon restores collective punishment in schools after the dictation and reciting, here is the announced return of collective punishment. The last round of National Education, published yesterday in the Official Bulletin of the Ministry, boosted the parents’ unions. Reason: the text denouncing the two main federations, the CIPF and PEEP, back in the saddle "collective punishment" which was officially banned the principles of Education for several years. The second part of the circular on "the organization of disciplinary procedures" covers "means of action available to teachers in disciplinary matters." The text explains that "it is useful to emphasize the principle of individualization of punishment or sanction, we must remember that punishment may be imposed to penalize the behavior of a group of identified students who, for example, disrupts the functioning of the class. " Read more of the article France-Germany equivalence of professional certificates Germany and France have agreed today to recognize the equivalence of certain professional certificates to facilitate mutual access to labor markets in both countries, according to a joint statement by the two Ministers of Education made Berlin. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- Humanity Nothing seen … —————————————— ———- Le Parisien Delete Pentecost mind a third of academies tHE PAPER continues Whit Monday. It was Jean-Pierre Raffarin himself who revived the controversy by declaring yesterday morning at RTL, the Whit Monday would be "worked in companies such as schools (…) unless the president decides in such department, for strong local traditional reasons – I think the Gard example – to choose another day in the year. " Echaudee by the sling of members of the majority when Francois Fillon, Minister of Education, said that Whit Monday is now a working day at school – announcement followed on September 17, the Prime Minister’s disavowal – Rue de Grenelle now refuses any statement: "the file is managed by Matignon", specifying only that "a meeting of rectors is scheduled on November 9, one of the items on the agenda will be Whit Monday. " Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Cross gifted children, frail children Edward, 15, has just returned to prep class scientific Nice. With two or three years ahead of his classmates. But his mother, Catherine (who currently holds a switchboard business), does not have the feeling of having "pushed". On the contrary. She was "biting fingers, she said, for not having taken earlier aware of its problems." She did not, when he was small, "into a performing monkey," then she noticed that "he did things that others did not," he spoke to one year; 4 years old, he had a sophisticated vocabulary, uttered phrases like "we must accept the consequences of his actions"; 5 years, he had just learned to read alone. "Besides that, she said, he was clumsy at sports, was struggling to tie his shoes, dining alone …" And at school, he had good results, but no more. And above all he was bored, did not obey, often cried and had no friends. Signs of discomfort, she had then, she laments, underestimated. At 7 years of past tests with a psychologist diagnose an IQ over 150. […] Edward looks like a lot of these children, said today "gifted" or "high potential" because we wants more talk of "gifted." But the evil one still has to qualify, because it is not yet clear who they are. It was long believed in effect that it was "geniuses" no problem, then it was realized that these children could also be failing in school and have difficulties, as recalled Monique Binda, president of the national Association for gifted children (Anpeip). "We know, she said, that this early can be a weakness, that this intellectual advance – and offset from the biological development -. Can be a vulnerability factor" Read more of the article —– ——————————————- best homework help
20 minutes "Ravaillac" the Education returned to his studies it is now the most famous high school newspapers. Produced by students of Henri IV, Ravaillac won yesterday appealed to the Administrative Court of Paris, his lawsuit against Education. In March 2002, Patrice Corre, headmaster of the prestigious institution, had banned the publication of a number of Ravaillac on sexuality, whose cover showed a group of naked students. For the association that publishes the newspaper is an "attack on freedom of expression." She then asked the Administrative Court to annul that decision and won in first instance. The Court of Appeal has confirmed the cancellation. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the World school in Paris: a digging machine inequalities a report by the General inspectorate of education indicates that the results of Parisian students are worse than the French average. At all stages of schooling, the best benefit of all attention. Read more of the article capital yet has good human, financial and cultural In terms of resources allocated to the school, the city is particularly well endowed. His primary school "enjoys teaching aids like none other in quantity and diversity," note the authors of the report on ‘evaluation of teaching in the Academy of Paris. " […] for success so. And relatively poor results. From one to the other, there are significant challenges facing the academy and that it can not meet. While GDP per capita is 50% higher than average, the capital remains a deeply diverse city, where live well-off families at very high cultural level, and "a working class, impoverished, immigrant and non-francophone" argue the authors of the report. Read more of the article Janson de Sailly, 120 years old and still as chic hundred and twenty years, but always as influential. The prestigious Lycee Janson de Sailly, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, proudly celebrated in the beginning of October, his birthday. Nobody remembers the beginning, a little ashamed. Janson was a bourgeois nineteenth century, cuckold and childless, who disinherited his wife donated his fortune to the state for that educates young people known for their filial piety. One hundred and twenty years later, Janson has lots of small-son grateful, became head of men of power and money. A beautiful line. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Posted by Watrelot to Friday, October 29, 2004

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